Threatt Protection Consulting


Travel Security Consulting:
​Our International Travel Security consultants can reduce the health, safety and security risks facing global business and pleasure travelers while returning confidence to executives, stakeholders and families alike, by customizing the information to your specifications and presenting the most comprehensive and relevant material possible.
While international travel is required in a global market, traveling for pleasure can be just as stressful. And with each passing year the risk from international terrorism, natural disaster, and health concerns grows. 

Our International consultants have real-world experience living in and traveling through these environments. Corporate executives, Ultra High Net Worth individuals and their families all need the most up-to-date information to safely navigate in and through the world today. Whether the clients are traveling for business or simply on vacation, their overall risk can be greatly reduced through proper planning, which allows for peace of mind and higher productivity. Allow us to show you the way to safer and more productive experience in global travel.
Personal & Physical Security Consulting:
Our seasoned security consultants have conveyed decades of wisdom and experience advising CEOs, Royal Family members, and UHNW individuals on a wide spectrum of security and safety concerns. We will work with you, your family and your staff to reinforce current security policies, as well as create and improve future security plans that will have a lasting affect on security and productivity. These plans will incorporate a proactive approach, innovative thinking and robust plans for the future.  
Assessments may include: 
  • Security Audits and Training
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Executive Residence Security Assessments
  • Secure Transportation Assessments 
  • Access Control, CCTV and Integrated Security Systems Audits 
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures(TSCM) Sweeps
  • Protection Detail Operation Audits
  • Emergency Response Policies Assessments
  • Active Shooter/ Workplace Violence Policy Audits and Training 

Secure Transportation:
Statistics indicate that over 80% attacks on at-risk individuals occur in or around a vehicle. While this may not be a major concern in your day-to-day routine, vehicle accidents are, and can cost not only physical damage, but loss of time and cost to the bottom line. Our Security Drivers are trained exclusively by Tony Scotti's Vehicle Dynamics Institute, a world leader in Protective/Evasive driving.  
Our highly trained and vetted security drivers will reduce potential risks to business travelers and contribute to the bottom line through maintaining a safe and secure environment and utilizing a proactive approach to route planing. Our Security Drivers maintain local knowledge as well as experience in transporting VIPs, Diplomats, and Corporate Executives.Our vehicles are maintained with the highest standards of appearance and reliability. 
Place your trust in us and we will not let you down.